New 2021 Reunion date 26th to 28th Nov 2021







 Robin Gainsford + 1  Brian (Bill) Bayley Anthony French +1 Danny Daniels + 1
 Roger Walker + 1 Michael (Buster) Brown J J Jennings Ian Fraser
  Dennis Cracknell   Jack Frost
  Norman Foster + 1   Alan Larcombe +1
  Bungy Edwards   Brian (Richie) Richardson
Ken Perryman   John Sheehan
Colin (Orry) Orriss    
Ron Shipp    
  John (Buck) Taylor + 1    
Alan (George) Tully  

S & S



 Jim Donaldson  Colin de Jongh + 1  Phil Thurlbourn  
 Dennis Gilmore  Brigham Young  
   Sam Hurst + 1  Eddie Howe  
 Mac McMaster  Frank Fenn  
 John Thomas  Cdr R J Bates  
 Alan (Pony) Moore  
 Bob Norton  
  Ginge Orme  
 Totals:  Booked  22 Fence sitting 12 Grand Total 34

Names in Red - Gala dinner only 


Said they're going but not booked with SF Events yet