2021 Reunion new date 26th to 28th Nov 2021


After the disappointment of the cancellation of the 2020 reunion due to Covid it's time to start all over again for 2021 and the venue will remain the same at the Royal Beach Hotel Southsea.  Flossie has engaged the services of Sarah Fletcher Events following the sad collapse of IOW Tours www.sarahfletcherevents.co.uk and she has put together a package for us.  We need around 50 attendees to make the reunion possible and again please don't book direct with the hotel.  All bookings need to be made through Sarah and you can either book online at:


(depending on your browser you may need to enter this web address manually) or download the booking forms below (amend the date yourself please).   Where it asks for an Entry/Class No put in the commission you served on eg 1966-69.  We hope to use this reunion to form an HMS Carysfort Association so we will be looking for volunteers to form a committee.

Jim Donaldson 17 January 2021



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On the 6th October 1966 HMS Carysfort recommissioned for the last time and exactly 40 years later over the weekend of 6th to 8th October 2006 over 40 people (including wives) attended the reunion to celebrate this auspicious occasion at the Trecarn Hotel in Babbacombe.    Compared to the initial interest shown over a year ago the final number attending was disappointing (where were you Jimmy Green, Yorkie Holmes, Paddy McMaster, Mick Hewitt etc etc!!!)  It was surreal to meet up with old shipmates from many years ago and Roger Davage describes it perfectly in his Guest Book entry which says "It seems to take only a minute for the familiar looking stranger to be the person you knew so well."  We certainly all looked a bit different than we did in 1966 with the exception of  Clubz  and Jack Frost who don't seem to have changed a bit in 40 years.  It didn't take long  for old friendships to be renewed and there were lots of sea stories told. One in particular everyone remembered was that horrendous passage in 1968 from NZ to Australia across the Tasman Sea where the storm got worse as the night wore on and the beer began to take effect.  I'm grateful to Ian Fraser who organised the coach to Guzz Dockyard and an old boss, Commodore Ewan Macdonald RN who put me in touch with the visits people there to get it underway. Everyone who went seemed to enjoy it and appreciated the enthusiasm of our guides.  I've written to thank them and suggested they add oggies to the menu in their little cafe.  The coach driver was very flexible so we managed a pint or two in Guzz town centre  before heading back to the hotel.  There was a special visitor on the Saturday night when  Les (Danny) Daniels' wife secretly arranged a 60th birthday surprise for Danny by taking him to the hotel to join up with the reunion.  Again, please read Roger Davage's entry in the Guest Book about this.  All in all, the 1966-69 commission had an enjoyable weekend and they're looking for another get together in the future.  Any volunteers to organise this??  Also, Stephen Thatcher who served in the first commission 1945/46 is particularly keen to swing the lamp again and would like the chance to do so at a Carysfort reunion soon as he is over 80 years old.  



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