People Photos Page 80

  Picture 1 - 1966-69 12th November 2016

  Picture 2 - 1966-69

  Picture 3 - 1966-69 (thanks to Buster Brown for photos 3 & 4)

  Picture 4 - 1966-69

Two old codgers (ex AB Alan (Pony) Moore and ex Scribes Jim Donaldson) swing the lamp in the Globe Hotel Hartlepool on Saturday 12th November 2016. 

Jim Donaldson pictured nearly 50 years earlier than the photo above in Mauritius.

L to R:  Bill Bayley, Norman Foster, Dave Bamber, Ron Tutt, Butch Wilkins, and the late Malcolm Hislop.

 L to R:  Butch Wilkins, Bill Bayley, Dave Bamber, the late Malcolm Hislop (front), Mike Hewitt partly obscured, Mike (Buster) Brown, Ron Tutt.