People Photos Page 79

  Picture 1 - 1964-66 (thanks to Les Bryan for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 1966/2017 (thanks to Robin Gainsford for this photo)

Singapore Lines Barracks Aden.  There is some dispute over where we were accommodated ashore whilst the ship was in quarantine in Aden during the salmonella entritidis outbreak. Some say it was Singapore Lines whilst others believe it was Waterloo Lines Barracks, home of 45 Cdo RM. I flew out to Aden as First Phase Party of the new commission and  know that I was definitely accommodated in  Waterloo Lines Barracks and not Singapore Lines.  POMEM(M) John Thompson confirmed in December 2014 he was also in Waterloo Lines Barracks. Perhaps the answer is the ship's company lived in both barracks. 

Commander Martin Sands (CO 1965-66) on the left meets up with Sub Lieutenant Robin Gainsford who served in the ship from 1966 until January 1968