People Photos Page 7

  Picture 1 - 1959-61

  Picture 2 - 1959-61

  Picture 3 - 1959-61 (thanks to Keith Humphries for these two photos)

  Picture 4 - 1959-61

Aft PO's Mess 1960.  Back row: L to R.  POM(E) A Cunningham,  POM(E) Nick Carter, ??, ??, ??.  Middle row the late POM(E) Bill Cock, ??, ??, POM(E) H J J Ellis (Dad - Mess Pres), POM(E) C Beavan.  Front:  ??, ??.  

Lieutenant (G) Hazeel & Rifle Team 1959-61 Singapore

Back Row: L to R  Tony Marr EM (top left corner) Tony "Brum" Holmes EM, Malcolm Abel LREM, Brian Pritchard EM.  Middle:  Lt Williams DLO, Spike ? REM, Terry "Wally" Wallbridge EM, Tom "Smudge" Smith REM, Keith "Humph" Humphries EM, "Brad" Bradley LEM, "Little Ron" Abell EM, Dave Cappel LEM, Noel Sherwood LEM.  Front: Lt Dowse, Terry "Chooch" Duerden LREM.   (Thanks to Brum Holmes for the names).   

Back:  L to R: PO EL Jock Dunlop, EA Dave Taylor, REM "Geordie" Jukes, PO EL Stead, PO EL John Howorth, REA Howard Jenkins, Chief Elec "Black Fred" Foster.  Centre row:  EM Ron Abell.  Front:  LEM J Bradley, REM Charlie Barratt, EM Ray "Kes" Kesterton, EM Bill "Bungy" Williams and EM Keith "Humph" Humphries.  (Thanks to John "Scouse" Howorth and Andrew Foster (Fred's son) for the names and Tony "Brum" Holmes for  finally completing them all in January 2017).