People Photos Page 66

  Picture 1 - 1959-61 (thanks to Tony "Brum" Marr for photos 1 to 3)

  Picture 2 - 1959-61

  Picture 3 - 1959-61

  Picture 4 - 1959-61 (thanks to Kafai Wu for this photo)

REA Jenkins being airlifted from the quarterdeck ton the first stage of his compassionate leave evac to attend his sick Mum.

After PO's Mess jolly Calcutta.  Back row:  L to R:  REA Jenkins, POEA George Watkinson.  Front: OA Hollingshead, POEL "Jock" Dunlop, POEL John "Scouse" Howorth, ??, "Fluke"?, POEL "Scouse" Stead.

After PO's Mess Hong Kong 1960.  L to R:  REA Jenkins, POEL "Scouse" Stead, ??, POEL John "Scouse" Howorth, ??.

Cook (or Steward)  Kin Yuen Wu (nicknamed Charlie) who was a locally entered Hong Kong rating (LEP).  He has now sadly passed away and this photo (along with several others) were sent in by his son Kafai Wu.  Judging by the Icelandic photo on another page I think he also served  on the 1958-59 commission.