People Photos Page 64

  Picture 1 - 1959-61 (thanks to Peter Barley for  photos 1, 3 & 4))

  Picture 2 - 1959-61/2012 (thanks to Brum Holmes for this photo)

  Picture 3 - 1959-61

  Picture 4 - 1959-61

Singapore.  L to R:  J E (Bungy) Wiliams, Peter Barley & J E (Taff) Thomas.  Is this the first "Cup a Soup" Taff has in his hand?  

L to R:  Terry (Chooch) Duerden, Tony (Brum) Holmes, Tom (Smudge) Smith, Taff (Jack Dusty) Hughes, Howard (Lofty) Jenkins & Keith (Humph) Humphreys.

Rums up by Y mounting

Y guns crew.  Topsy Turner, Soapy Watson and Banjo West.