People Photos Page 61

  Picture 1 - 1966-69 (thanks to Phil Thurlbourn for these four photos)

  Picture 2 - 1966-69

  Picture 3 - 1966-69

  Picture 4 - 1966-69

NAAFI Club Guzz 1967.  L to R:  Sitting.  ??, AB McQuillan, M(E) Richie Richardson, Cook Donnie Marshall, SA Phil Thurlbourn, M(E) Mills, AB Blood Reid.  Standing:  EM Buster Brown, M(E) Joe Buxton.  

Reunion 1991 at Gloucester organised by Jimmy Green.  Back:  AB George Tully, AB Norman (Flossie) Foster, AB Smudge Smith, SA Phil Thurlbourn, AB Orrie Orris.  Front:  PO Elec Jimmy Green, ??. 

Paris Bar Sembewang.  L to R:  SA Phil Thurlbourn, Cook Slinger Woods, Cook Jock Marshall, SA Alan Humphreys, LSA(V) Ray Wagstaff, SA(V) Bob Short.

Sembawang Bar.  LSA Ray Wagstaff, AB (Butcher) Roger Court, SA Phil Thurlbourn.