People Photos Page 54

  Picture 1 - 1964-66 (thanks to Alick Lavers for these photos)

  Picture 2 - 1964-66

  Picture 3 - 1964-66

  Picture 4 - 1964-66

PO's Mess after Divisions in Hong Kong 1965.  Front: L to R:  PO Wtr Alick Lavers, REA5 Wallace Russell, POTS Roy Harris, John Gorman, SPO(S) Whacker Payne,  PO Cook Joe Grech, Yeoman Jock Sweeney.

PO Wtr Alick Lavers and POTS Roy Harris relaxing in Sliema, Malta 1965.

REA Russ Russell and POTS Roy Harris in Sliema 1965.

REA Russ Russell