People Photos Page 48

  Picture 1 - 1959-61 (thanks to Eddie Howe for these two photos)

  Picture 2 - 1959-61

  Picture 3 - 1959-61 (thanks to Nick Carter for photos 3 & 4)

  Picture 4  - 1959-61

 In the foreground Jock Milne and Eddie Howe celebrate Christmas 1960 in the China Fleet Club Hong Kong . 

L to R: Mike O'Halloran, ??, Eddie Howe, Pinky Salmon & Mike Kesterton.

Stokers port side mess Christmas 1959.  L to R:  Daywork Tanky ?, C J Parmenter standing, K C Rice sitting, T E Carter standing, ??, B Edgecombe,

Nick Carter got this colour photo taken to impress his girlfriend (at the time) and the result was a "Dear John" letter.  Some you win...........