People Photos Page 46

  Picture 1 - 1964-66 (thanks to Ian McKenzie and Cyril Clueitt for these  photos)

  Picture 2 - 1964-66

  Picture 3 - 1964-66


The rescue of the fishing boat fails.  See the other four photos on page 45.

Cyril Clueitt wrote in May 2012:  We took the fishing boat in tow but the going was a bit rough.  The fishermen were gesturing that they were hungry and had no fags so we floated a heaving line back to them. Whey they got the line in hand we got together bread and butter and anything edible along with packets of fags and a couple of boxes of safety matches.  They were put in polythene bags, knotted  with bags inside each other.  About three in all I think.   We secured the goodies to the heaving line and they heaved it in as we paid it out until they had the goodies in hand.  I thought the two was going a bit fast and in the choppy seas the boat got swamped.  She also had a leak below deck so she got a bit flooded.  We got her alongside and proceeded to pump her dry and secured the array of gear on deck and made her seaworthy.  Again, the crew were being fed, watered and fagged by Carysfort's crew.  When seaworthy we renewed the tow and proceeded back to Gib, arriving there 10 hours lat at 0400 - too late I must add for our run ashore.  I don't know what happened to the fishing boat after that.