People Photos Page 24

  Picture 1 - 1966-69  (thanks to Brigham Young for these two photos)

  Picture 2 - 1966-69

  Picture 3 - 1966-69 (thanks to Yorkie Holmes for these two photos)

  Picture 4 - 1966-69


Fuelling Ship Freetown January 1968 - Joe Buxton, Richie Richardson - Paddy Jennings in T shirt

RAS with RFA Fort Rosalie - PO Dusty Miller LS Jan Calverley LS Bunny Barratt JS Dennis Bamber AB George Challoner (thanks to ex LPTI Bungy Edwards for the names) 

Soapy Watson, Yorkie Holmes, Paddy Jennings & Brigham Young loafing on the Stbd side of the Iron Deck just outside the galley - 1968.

Jimmy Bond, Yorkie Holmes and the late Jock McAllan Singapore 1968.