People Photos Page 23

  Picture 1 - 1966-69 (thanks to Roy Heirons for the first three photos)

  Picture 2  - 1966-69

  Picture 3  - 1966-69

  Picture 4  - 1966-69

Run ashore in Gib 1968.  L to R:  George Tully, Dave Highstead, Ginger Warnes, Gilly Gillatt, George Challoner, and seated Roy Heirons & Jan Calverley

Run ashore in Singapore 1968.  L to R:  Sam Hurst, Bungy (Clubs) Edwards, Gilly, Tommy Notcutt, George Challoner and Roy Heirons

AB Roy Heirons in the fwd messdeck.

London Bar Gib January 1968.  L to R:  Phil Thurlbourn, Jim Donaldson, Ray Wagstaff, Jock McLauchlan (sitting), Jock Marshall and Alan Humphreys sitting at rear.