People Photos Page 15

  Picture 1 - 1964-66 (thanks to Jumbo Stallard for these four photos)

  Picture 2 - 1964-66

  Picture 3 - 1964-66

  Picture 4 - 1964-66

L to R:  John (Chunky) Muscat, Johnny Lamb, Jumbo Stallard and Blood Reid at Jumbo's wedding reception in Pompey 1964.

Crossing the line 1965.  Taff Crocker with the big grin.

Small Ship's Cup 1965 - Terror No 1 Pitch.

Small Ships Cup Winners 1965  in Singapore - Danny Hogan is extreme left in the back row and Bob Gresham extreme right.  Jumbo Stallard is the Goalkeeper and the rest are in no particular order.  (Can you help sort them out?) Pat Conlon, Taff Crocker, Dolly Gray,  Lawrence Zammit,  LS Burton,  RO2 Daisy Adams, AB Paddy Vennard .