People Photos Page 10

  Picture 1 - 1959-61  (thanks to Bill Turton for these four photos)

  Picture 2 - 1959 -61

  Picture 3 - 1959 -61

  Picture 4 - 1959 -61

L to R:  Bill Turton, Tom Mac and Moggy Maughan.   Looks like this was taken outside the Junior Rates accommodation in HMS Terror.

Bill Turton and standby Diver Ron Abel taken in Hong Kong on 23rd December 1960.  Bill is trying to recover a pair of binoculars lost over the side by the duty signalman who obviously didn't know what the lanyard was for!!!

Back:  L to R:  AB Bill Boyd, AB Jerry Jermyn, L/S Jock Duthie, AB Bill Turton, L/S Chick Fowler, AB Jimmy Greaves.  Front:  AB Scouse Cairns, AB Mal Malham, L/S P Evans, J A Hardy, Eddie Howe.  (Thanks to Peter Barley for providing the names).

Bill Turton.  Nowadays there would be "No Smoking" within 40 metres of that area.