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  Picture 1 - 2015 (thanks to Ian Fraser for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 2016

  Picture 3 - 2016

Photo of  HMS Cavalier's ship's office taken by Ian Fraser on a recent visit to the ship. Slightly different layout to Carysfort's ship's office but I've included it for interest.

Look what I've just found during a tidy up of my garden shed!  This is not from Carysfort but does have a CA connection and was gifted to me around 35 years ago.  You will see from the photo above provided by Ian Fraser of his recent visit to Cavalier that although the ship's office was small and cramped it boasted two scuttles (portholes to the uninitiated).  In Carysfort it was my job to polish the brightwork round the scuttles prior to entering harbour so they looked all nice and shiny.  However, they were usually encrusted in salt etc so I used to rub them down with wire wool initially as a shortcut prior to finishing off with bluebell.  However, the downside of using wire wool is the ship's side used to get streaked from it.  This usually resulted in the Jimmy either storming into the ship's office gunning for me or piping me to the Iron Deck where I had to do the walk of shame with him along the ship's side where he would point out the streaks and berate me for my laziness/initiative.  Well today No 1 I took perverse delight in cleaning up this clip with wire wool prior to using brasso to shine it!  Jim Donaldson HMS Carysfort Webmaster 24th August 2016

Another shot.  The wheelspanner marks can still be seen.