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  Picture 1 - 1964-66 (thanks to Ian McKenzie for these four photos)

  Picture 2 - 1964-66

  Picture 3 - 1964-66

  Picture 4 - 1964-66

Inside one of the 4.5's.

Ian McKenzie's Form S.50 (pay chit).  Two interesting points to note here.  (1) He was only paid 14 a fortnight and (2) in the remarks column you can see he was weighed off for being adrift for 38 minutes and suffered one days loss of leave but more importantly two days pay.  He was travelling back to Guzz from leave by train along with two other lads and they asked a civilian in the same carriage to shake them when they arrived in Guzz.  However, they woke up to find themselves crossing the Tamar Bridge.  It cost them a small fortune to get back because they had to hire a taxi then they were further out of pocket by losing two days pay for 38 minutes adrift.  So much for the "good old days".

Ian McKenzie's 1964 Commissioning Card..

Ian McKenzie's 1964 Commissioning Card.