Photos Page 27

  Picture 1 - Sembawang Gate

  Picture 2 - HMS Tamar Hong Kong

  Picture 3 - Kilindini Road Mombasa

  Picture 4 - HMS Pembroke Parade Ground

HM Naval Base Sembawang Gate.  A familiar sight to all commissions.

HMS Tamar Hong Kong.

Kilindini Road in Mombasa.  The 1964-66 commission will remember these famous tusks.  Good run ashore - Tusker beer and cheap rabbits.  The ship's group played each night in a local bar.  Does anyone still have these hand crafted wooden carvings of antelopes/impala?

HMS Pembroke Saluting Platform.  Although Carysfort was never based in Chatham I've inlcuded this photo for the benefit of S & S ratings post 1960 who will remember daily Divisions on this parade ground.  If memory serves me right the building on the left is Grenville Block with Anson on the right which included the Junior Rates Dining Hall and Regulating Office nearby.