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  Picture 1 - 1966-69

  Picture 2 - 1966-69  (thanks to Danny Daniels for photos 2 & 3)

  Picture 3 - 1966-69 (thanks to numerous people who have provided the same photo)

  Picture 4 - 1966-69  (thanks to Pat Moss for this photo)

HMS Eagle Plane Guard North Sea June 1967.  "B" mounting barrel raised in preparation for RAS with Eagle.

Entering Pompey 7 July 1967 for AMP and summer leave.  I seem to remember the AMP didn't take place at out home port  because Devonport couldn't provide a floating Galley during that period .  Disappointing for the Guzz natives but nevertheless an opportunity for the rest of us for a run ashore in Pompey in the holiday season.  

17th June 1967


17th June 1967