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  Picture 1 - 1964-66  (thanks to Lucy Feltham via Alick Lavers for this  photo)

  Picture 2 - 1964-66  (thanks to Dave Wilkinson for photos 2 & 3)

 Picture 3 - 1964-66

  Picture 4 - 1964-66

Hong Kong 1965.  The two USN submarines alongside were on R & R from Vietnam.


Passing Culmore Point, Londonderry Oct/Nov 1964.

It's all over!  Coming alongside in Guzz 13th September 1966 at the end of the 1964-66 commission.  The local paper said that during the two and a half year commission the ship had steamed 100,000 miles and visited 20 countries. She was greeted in Plymouth Sound by a boat carrying families and friends of her officers and crew.  As she entered the dockyard harbour she was piped in by  REM Paxton playing the bagpipes.