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  Picture 1 - 1945-46 (thanks to the family of the late George William Jenkins for

  Picture 2 - 1945-46                 the first three photos)

 Picture 3 - 1945-46

  Picture 4 - 1945-46 (thanks to Derek Fuller ex HMS Caesar for this photo)

HMS Carysfort flying her paying off pennant at the end of the 1945-46 commission.

George William Jenkins served in HMS Carysfort from the 7th February 1945 to the 15th August 1946 as an AB (QR3).  He left the RN on the 1st December 1946 rejoining as a Stoker on the 13th January 1948 then left the service again on the 2nd April 1952 as a killick stoker. Note the image of the ship on George's headstone.  

George Jenkins Crossing the Line Certificate 3rd December 1945.

AB Jock Davidson's headstone in Trincomalee Cemetery.  Michael Lucock took this photo in 2004.