2020 Reunion 9th - 11th October


The year 2020 will be a special one for the batch of junior seaman who joined the ship in 1966 for the last commission as they will reach the age of 70 this year.  To celebrate this landmark Norman (Flossie) Foster has asked IOW Tours, a well recommended and experienced company in Naval reunions, to co-ordinate a reunion at the Royal Beach Hotel Southsea over the weekend 9th - 11th October for ex Carysfort's of all commissions.  Shown below is a provisional list of those who have expressed interest via this website or Flossie in attending. There will be regular updates here as well as the CA Class Destroyer association Facebook page.  The Booking form, hotel info etc is shown at the bottom of this list.   Simply click on the name of the form to open it.  If you are unable to print it off then please ring IOW tours on 01983 405116 and they will be happy to help.  They will take care of the hotel bookings so do not book direct with the hotel including those only going to the Gala Dinner.  I have also emailed these forms direct to as many ex Carysfort's  as I have email addresses for and I hope that has been helpful.

Jim Donaldson 31 Jan 20.  (* denotes not 1966-69 commission). 


Robin Gainsford Peter Barley* Michael Fish + 1 Wal Adamek
Roger Walker + 1 Bill Bayley Sam Hurst + 1 Danny Daniels + 1
(3) Buster Brown J J Jennings Roger Davage +1
Bungy Edwards Ginge Orme + 1 Ian Fraser
Flossie Foster + 1 Dave Swinford* Jack Frost
ELECTRICAL Pearly Gates Duncan Towle Alan Larcombe
Jimmy Green Bogie Knights (9) Richie Richardson + 1
(1) Roy Heirons  (10)
Paddy McMaster
Richard Molloy*
Pony Moore
S & S Bob O'Halloran*
Jim Donaldson Orry Orriss
(1) Taff Perryman
John Pink*
Clive Reah*
George Tully
Ron Shipp*
Graham Smith + 1
Buck Taylor +1
Shep Woolley*
Jenny Wren
      Total 49
Names in Red - hotel accommodation not required (as far as we know)

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