Reunion Photos 10

  Picture 1 - 1991 reunion in Gloucester

  Picture 2 - 2006  (thanks to Brigham Young for these 4 photos)

  Picture 3 - 1991

  Picture 4 - 1991

1991 reunion held in Gloucester.

The 1966-69 commission party that attended the reunion in Babbacombe in 2006  .   L to R:  Colin De Jongh, Roy Heirons, Jim Donaldson, Norman Foster, Sam Hurst, Jack Frost, Colin Orris,  Ken Beales, Graham Smith, Roger Davage, Taff Perryman, Danny Daniels, Brian Hurditch, George Tully, Richie Richardson, (you can just see his left ear), kneeling  Brigham Young, Ian Fraser & Alby Davies.  Can you spot any from the 1991 photos?

1991 - Jimmy Green leading the choir again.

1991 -Brigham Young, Jimmy Green, Alby Davies, Jack Frost in the background & Phil Thurlbourn.