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Regular browsers should notice a difference in this page.  I've been trying to tidy it up so now there is a separate section for Lost Oppos and Obituaries.  Click on the buttons below to view these pages.  


Here's our newly manufactured Standard which arrived yesterday (7th November 2023).  The final invoice is also displayed below and pleasingly is no different from the original quote. We'll need to make arrangements for having the Standard blest/dedicated at the November 2024 reunion in Chatham. Thanks to our Standard Bearer Bill Bayley for providing the photo and storing it.  


I'm very much aware information regarding this is written elsewhere on the website but I want the headline to catch the eye of anyone browsing the website regarding the formation of this association.   There are still a few i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed but it was agreed in principle over the combined reunion weekend  in May 2023 with our sister ship HMS Cavalier that we would merge and form an HMS CAVALIER and HMS CARYSFORT Association.  Full implementation will however require a small change to HMS CAVALIER's Constitution which will be formally adopted at the next AGM.  this merger makes sense as numbers diminish each year.  Should you wish to join the Association then please contact the Treasurer and Membership Secretary Rowdy Yates on  07957 498769 and I would urge all Carysfort's to do this. The annual subscription is normally £15.00 but for this year it will be £10.00. To date 16 Carysfort's have joined the Association and those 16, along with Angela Mitton have most generously donated to the cost of our own Standard which is being manufactured as I write this.  We also have HMS CARYSFORT Association Polo Shirts which cost £15 plus p & p.  Contact me for further details.

Ceremonial Standard for HMS CARYSFORT


There are still a few i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed but it was agreed in principle over the combined reunion weekend  in May 2023 with our sister ship HMS Cavalier that we would merge and form an HMS CAVALIER and HMS CARYSFORT Association. In the last few days since the weekend reunion quite a few Carysfort's have paid the annual subscription already for this year and in the post today I received my own HMS CAVALIER and HMS CARYSFORT Association Membership Card. Full implementation will however require a small change to HMS CAVALIER's Constitution which will be formally adopted at the next AGM.  Our own Flossie Foster was elected as Vice Chairman of the Association.  Should you wish to join the Association then please contact the Treasurer and Membership Secretary Rowdy Yates on  07957 498769 and I would urge all Carysfort's to do this. The annual subscription is normally £15.00 but for this year it will be £10.00.  I've emailed as many Carysfort's as possible outlining the advantages to us so I won't repeat it here.  The main thrust of this message today is that we need to purchase our own HMS CARYSFORT Association Standard.  They don't come cheap and the quote I have from the preferred supplier with all the accoutrements is just under £1500.00.  A breakdown of this is shown on the Standard page.  I'm appealing to you all to help with this so if you are willing to make a pledge then please remit your contribution to: HMS CAVALIER Business Account.  Bank:  HSBC  Sort Code 40 45 26 Account 61463179 Reference: Standard.  If you are uncomfortable doing an online transaction then your own bank will help you do this transfer in branch. If you want do do it by cheque then please email or ring Rowdy Yates on the above number for his address.  So far six people have very kindly already made pledges and we are nearly half way to our target already.  I'll be putting regular updates on the website as the money comes in so we can see where we are at.  Once we are in a position to purchase the Standard we hope to get it dedicated at the next reunion.  Bill Bayley has volunteered to be our Standard Bearer.  He was one of the Standard Bearers at the Queen's funeral (see below).  Please help us achieve this aim.

for latest state of play on Standard Appeal

Further to the above Rowdy Yates has confirmed the following have paid the 2023 membership subscription and in no particular order they are:
Ian Fraser, JJ Jennings, Willie Mains, Buck Taylor, Keith Wren,  Roger Walker, Jim Donaldson, Wal Adamek, Bill Bayley, Orry Orriss, Robin Gainsford, Alan (Pony) Moore, Peter Franklyn, Derek (Pony) Moore all 1966-69 commission.  Alick Lavers  (1964-66) and Tony Hill (1959).  Total 16.

Mech 1 Brian Hurditch

I am sure all of the 1966-69 commission would like to wish Brian well as he recovers from major surgery for a perforated bowel.  He was in hospital for 3 weeks and now has a stoma bag fitted.  We wish you a speedy recovery Brian although you have been told this could take 6 months or longer.  Brian and his wife attended the 2006 reunion in Babbacombe.

Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


HMS Carysfort was represented at the funeral of Her Majesty in the shape of Brian (Bill) Bayley who was selected as one of the 72 standard bearers for the Royal British Legion from a  cast of many.  Bill was very humbled to be at the event and a photo of him is shown below at the Cenotaph as well as his Certificate of Appreciation from the Royal British Legion.  BZ Bill.




It has not been possible to arrange a reunion in October 2022 for various reasons but Tony Cox, Chairman of the HMS Cavalier Association has invited us to join them for a reunion in Chatham 19th to 22 May 2023 and their members have agreed this at their AGM.  We will be staying in the Orida Hotel Maidstone but there will be an opportunity to visit HMS Cavalier in the Historic Chatham Dockyard.  To date 25 Carysfort's have expressed an interest. We will not lose our identity as it will be known as HMS Cavalier and HMS Carysfort joint reunion.  Sarah of SF Events will be organising this and those who attended the Royal Beach Hotel for the 2021 reunion will know how efficient she is.  Further details will be published when known but please mark your diary for this date in 2023. 

The photo on the left is George Tully's ship's mug and Flossie has sent in the photo of The Grapes Bar in Rothesay which will be familiar to those who completed the last couple of months of the last commission. 

Best regards from Flossie and Buster of the last commission photographed before the lockdown in the Ship Anson.  Hope you all stay Healthy and Safe until the October Reunion.  Flossie has suggested we might all want to post an up to date photo of  ourselves on the website before the reunion takes place.  What do you think?  Ideally a photo of what you looked like during your time onboard Carysfort along with a current one.  I'm sure we've all got time on our hands just now.  You can email them to  


Seychelles June 1966.  Does anyone have film of the ship's visit to the Seychelles.  If so Mike Butt would like to hear from you and you can contact him direct by clicking the email icon below:



A sincere BIG thank you to Alick Lavers (1964-66) and Roger Davage (1966-69) for their very generous donation towards my costs in leasing HMS Carysfort website domain name and webspace from 1 & 1 IONOS (formerly 1 & 1 Internet Ltd).  Their thoughtfulness is much appreciated.  BZ.

Jim Donaldson HMS Carysfort Webmaster March 2019

3rd April 2019 also Wallace Russell (1964-66) resident in New Zealand.  Thanks Russ.   7th April 2019 JJ (Paddy) Jennings (1966-69).  Cheers JJ.  20th May 2019 Pete Barley (1959-61).  Thanks Pete. 8th July 2019 Richie Richardson.  Thanks Richie.


Veterans ID Cards


The Government has announced in February 2019 the introduction of a new ID card for armed forces veterans which will help them access specialist support and services.  View the full announcement here: 



I see my note below scribed in 2016 regarding a 50 year anniversary reunion fell on deaf ears apart from Rodney (Abby) Absolon offering to host a reunion down under in Sydney.  Bit too far and expensive perhaps for us old codgers but thanks anyway Abby for the thought.  Anyway next year will be another 50th year milestone ie the de-commissioning of the ship so I'll ask again if anyone is interested in sorting a reunion out.  50 years is a long time and we're not getting any younger!  I remember a comment in the last Guest Book from Brigham Young before the 2006 reunion that The Beatles were 4 in number in 1966 but had been reduced to 2.  In other words don't delay and get in there before it's too late.  Recently and 12 years later Alan Longmuir from the 1970's teeny pop band Bay City Rollers and way after our time onboard has recently passed away so perhaps that's another reminder.  With that in mind If you would like to organise a  reunion or can think of anyone who would like to do it then please email me at   Unrelated to this Bungy Edwards (Clubs) has just told me he has bought an aluminium Carysfort ship's crest from eBay recently.




Mike Crowe's Monthly Reunion List and RN Shipmates


Owing to a recent change in Data Protection rules we are unable to display Mike's monthly list of Reunions to display on our website.  But it's not the end of RN Shipmates and Reunion notifications.  He will continue to update it and you can view it or contact him by using this link:   


Guest Book


The Guest Book has been offline since around Nov 2016 and I'll try to explain why without boring you to death. You are probably not aware but when you set up a website you have to pay an annual fee for the domain name ie HMS Carysfort as well as renting webspace for the website on the internet (similar to Council tax - the bigger house/space you need - the higher the fee).  To have a Guest Book on a website you also have to find another provider and in my case a one off fee was paid when the website was set up in 2004 to which was run by Leslie Wright a singer/songwriter from Arkansas.  This was about the only Guest Book available that was ad free.  Just over a year ago Leslie who is now a web designer - check her website out at  sold the rights to Guest Book World for a four figure sum and the new owner decided to start charging an annual maintenance fee - probably to recoup their costs - which I rather grudgingly paid bearing in mind the original deal ie "one off fee".   This dit is getting even more boring and I apologise for this but you need to know when Carysfort's website is updated by me a copy is saved on a memory stick/USB/flash drive/disc whatever you want to call it from the last backup.  Unfortunately when the Guest Book was being transferred/updated to another server by the new Guest Book owner this process failed.   When they tried to re-install it they found the backup disc was corrupted. They tried their hardest to recover the Guest Book but it's gone forever along with the historical entries made over the last 13 years which is really disappointing to put it mildly.  We have also lost the tally of the number of visitors to the website which was around 98000 at that time.  The owner is absolutely distraught about the situation (but not nearly as much as I am).   

However, we have to move on so now in 2017 we have a new Guest Book and we'll have to see how that goes.   Please make an effort to sign it.  It doesn't cost you anything and lets others see you are still around.


Jim Donaldson  7th February 2017  

"C" Class Destroyer Association - Facebook page


For any of you old salts on Facebook the above newly started group may be of interest to you.



John Garrity wrote on 11th July 2016.   Many thanks for the help from your website.  As a result I have managed to get a Service Medal for my father Ronald Thomas (Yorkie) Garrity who served in the first commission.


It will be 50 years this October since HMS Carysfort re-commissioned for the last time (6th October 1966). Who amongst this fine ship’s company is willing to step up to the plate and organise the 50th anniversary bash for the last commission? Come on! Are we going to let this historic occasion simply slip by in a wave of lethargy or are we going to get a grip and celebrate it in true Carysfort style. It's not too late to start getting it underway so let’s be hearing from you.  Is it going to be in France (Ginge Orme) or Malta (Denis Gilmore) Pompey (Flossie Foster) or anywhere else? 



Former Lieutenant R A R (Tony) Hill RN has provided a copy of this commission book to view.



The late Peter (Fred) Gannon

Tony Leeks is trying to gather as much info as he can about Peter, who served in the penultimate commission for his son.   Peter died in a house fire where all his Naval records and photos were destroyed.  If you can help please contact Tony, who is also ex RN and you can do this by clicking this icon:     Your help is appreciated.


Lee Garrett is looking for information on his father Ken (Gary) Garrett aka Gary Whistler who served onboard for part of the last commision.  He may have been a TAS rating because he used to mention "Blossom" to his family (Blossom Petchey).  He may also have been a ship's diver. Lee would love to hear from anyone that knew him onboard as he is trying to put together the family history for his Mum's 70th birthday.  You can contact Lee direct by clicking on this icon    


Keith Wren of the last commission bought a copy of the 1959-61 Commission Book at a car boot sale and sent it to me some time ago.   If anyone from that commission doesn't have a copy of the book Keith is willing to let you have it for free but you would need to meet the postage costs. For further details me.


Footnote:  It's been claimed by Eddie Howe 3rd February 2016 - thanks Keith




Chris Wright who is the son of Alexander Robert Wright (Brummy) would like to hear from anyone from the first commission who knew his father on the first commission.  Chris thinks he was a Petty Officer.   You can contact Chris direct   



Nick Bailey recently got in touch.  He was a Lieutenant onboard for this commission; action OOW and Ship's Office and played rugby for the ship.  He transferred to the Royal Australian Navy in 1970 and retired as a Captain RAN.  He now lives in Canberra.



This photo has been sent by Richard Bentley who is the late Chief Mechanician David "Dick" Bentley's son.  Dick crossed the bar in 1989 and the family are keen to have some background information on why he his having his beard trimmed and when this event took place.  They thought the picture was published in a Brisbane newspaper so I am guessing it was probably taken during the 1959-61 commission when the ship visited Brisbane.  One other piece of information is Dick's run ashore oppo onboard was called Bert Gill.  If you can help please email me and I will pass the information on to Dick's family.  Thanks.  


Change of email address


 Please note the new email address to send photos/dits for the website is  with immediate effect.  The old email address of will no longer be monitored.  Thanks.  


The above organisation is trying to raise £20000.00 for a major new exhibition entitled HMS-Hear My Story which will recall, celebrate and honour the serving men, women and ships of the last eventful century.  Please visit their website for further details:



Do you want to appear on a Channel 4 TV programme?


The following email has been received from Emma Linstead who is a researcher for Remarkable Television (an Endemol Company - the same company who produces Noel Edmonds' "Deal or No Deal" programme "Big Brother" etc etc). 

I am working on a new primetime four-part Channel 4 beauty series fronted by Katie Piper. There is going to be a social history strand to the series, with each episode exploring a different theme. For one episode in particular, we are covering the history of tattoos in the UK.

I'm currently looking for two or more friends that decided to get tattoos in the 1950s/60s/70s - be that together or at similar times.  Perhaps it was as a symbol of their friendship or one decided to get a tattoo and the rest followed suit.

From what I can understand, tattooing was quite common in the Navy so I was wondering whether you could help spread the word amongst your members be that in a newsletter, any social networking sites etc in the hope that this may be of interest to someone?

What we are looking to do is a fairly short sequence where our presenter Katie Piper meets them and finds out about their story and experience, their motivations for doing it etc. It’s very much a positive, celebratory piece about tattoos – we’ve already organised filming with a lady that got tattoos back in the early 1960s and also one of the UK’s oldest living  tattoo artists as part of this history strand. I’m not sure whether you are familiar with Katie Piper, but she was involved in a tragic acid attack and Channel 4 has previously covered her road to recovery.

If you’d like any further information, please do get in touch. My direct line is 0208 222 4690.

As is always the way in TV, we are working to tight deadlines with this! So it would be brilliant if I could get some feedback sooner rather than later.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,



 John Garrity, son of the late Ronald (Yorkie) Garrity who was a Stoker onboard for the First Commission would be grateful to hear from anyone who remembers his Father.  You can contact John direct by clicking the email icon

Best wishes to Alan (Pony) Moore (14 mess) who is being hospitalised in the next  week or two to have a kidney removed having had earlier surgery for another ailment.   Pony is still a fighting fit 72 years old who I had the pleasure of meeting up with this week for a pint or three in my local pub in Hartlepool.  Last time we met he was 27 years old and although the figures are reversed he has not changed a bit - Orry Orris you have changed your email address so if you want to get in touch with Pony click the email icon The photo above was taken when Pony was one of King Neptune's helpers at HMS Carysfort's Crossing the Line Ceremony on 30th January 1968.

Restoration of HMS Cavalier

The following letters have been received from Sid Anning and Paul Barnard of Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust and  they are reproduced below: 
Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed attached letter which I have sent out to other Naval Associations with the hope that I can raise funds for the continued maintenance of HMS Cavalier through legacies or donations and hope that you will encourage former ship's companies of HMS Carysfort to give the matter their consideration.  Also, I would like to appeal to those who live in the South East and have some spare time available, to assist the current band of volunteers in helping restoring this very fine ship.  Engineering skills are not essential, but would be an asset.  It has been estimated that the volunteers save Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust around £80,000.00 per annum.

Yours sincerely

Sid Anning


Dear Sir,

  Many of you will know metaphorically speaking, that to save HMS Cavalier initially was actually the ‘easy’ part. The hard part is preserving and maintaining the ship to a high standard is the difficult bit, and I must congratulate Historic Dockyard Chatham and their staff, and in particular, the Volunteers who give countless hours of their own time, trying to keep Cavalier ship-shape, and safe for visitors.

Recently, I visited HMS Cavalier at the invitation of the Chairman Admiral Sir Ian Garnett KCB and his team to the ‘Leaving a Lasting Legacy Day’ which I found very informative, and gave those who attended a very good idea and background of Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust (CHDT) and the challenges it faces, not with just HMS Cavalier, but all the Historic Ships and artefacts in its possession.

This as you can imagine costs a huge amount of money, and to put matters into perspective, the Cutty Sark has had a similar amount of money spent on its refurbishment after the fire, than the whole of Chatham Dockyard and that of its three Historic Ships in 26 years.

As you will be aware, the costs of replacing plates, stopping the leaks, and generally keeping HMS Cavalier in good order costs a considerable amount of money, and there is never enough to go around – hence CHDT’s ideas of Individuals, Associations, and Organisation’s leaving a legacy to the Trust.

As we all get older, many Naval Associations are finding it increasingly difficult to keep going, and perhaps the Treasurer’s and their Members would perhaps like to consider donating any residue of funding to a good causes like HMS Cavalier, or anything else within the Dockyard if they prefer, as every little helps.

If any of you feel that you would like to help to support and preserve HMS Cavalier, or indeed, anything else at Chatham Historic Dockyard, or would like to go to a Legacy Day as a guest of CHDT, please contact Paul Barnard 01634 823844 or email



Frank Smith is the recruitment officer for the 8th Destroyer Association - a well respected naval organisation which has members around the country.  He is hoping that many ex officers and ratings who served in "C" class Destroyers in the China station between 1945 and 1963 would like to join the association.  He is also asking any Royal Naval ex personnel who served in any "C" class Destroyers in other parts of the world to join as well as they would love to hear from you and you could meet many former shipmates.  The association now meets in Bridlington (used to be Scarborough)  at the beginning of September every year for their reunion and they also produce and send two booklets to members which are well received.  Subscriptions are ten pounds per year and if you would like to receive an application form please contact Frank at 2 Rydal Avenue, North Shields, Tyne & Wear NE30 3UG or email him at 


Jimmy Green from the 1961-62 commission has managed to purchase the ship's nameplate forty years after she was scrapped.  You'll see a photo of this in the 1961-62 ship photo section


HMS Cavalier


For those of you who responded to the recent email I sent regarding voting for HMS Cavalier for lottery funding she came first in the "Best Education Project" and the following email thanking you has been received from Paul Barnard.
The message reads:


We are delighted to let you know that HMS Cavalier has been crowned “Best Education Project” in the National Lottery Awards 2010.  The winners of this year's National Lottery Awards were announced at a special star-studded celebratory Awards event, broadcast live on BBC One from London's Roundhouse on Saturday 4 September - The National Lottery's Big Night.


The winners were chosen by a public vote which took place earlier this summer. The total number of public votes cast for all the competing projects was in excess of 192,000. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those that have shown their support to HMS Cavalier by voting for us.  Without your votes, this award would not have been possible.  With the opening of No.1 Smithery back in July 2010 this has been an important year for The Historic Dockyard Chatham and winning this award gives great recognition to the hard work that goes on behind the scenes by our education team to ensure that our educational visitors (including schools, Scout groups, Sea Cadets and many others) receive the highest quality experience when visiting the site.  If is also recognition to all the staff and volunteers that dedicate their time to restoring and ensuring that HMS Cavalier is able to be used as an important educational resource.


You can watch the awards event on the BBC iPlayer until Saturday 11th September if you missed the show (or if you want to see it again!!) by going to


Once again thank you for your support




Paul Barnard

Fundraising and Programme Development

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust

Tel: 01634 823844

Fax:  01634 823801




Bungy (Clubs) Edwards, PTI last commission has recently had a hip replacement operation.  Hope you will be back doing star jumps soon Bungy.

Best wishes also to George Tully who is recovering  from a triple heart bypass operation.  Speedy recovery George.





If you served onboard HMS Carysfort out the Far East between 31 August 1957 and 12 August 1966  you may be entitled to the Pingat Jasa Malayasia Medal.  For further details click on the medal

Can anyone help with a photo and any dits about Acting CPO Dave Reid the ship's Coxswain and ship's diver 21 Jan 64 to 27 Jun 66.  At the Seychelles incident when 32 men were hospitalised after eating Spam, Reid took charge of the shore party and liased with the hospital and staff ashore, displaying a high order of leadership.  For this he received the Commander in Chief's Commendation.  After leaving the ship he went to Drake 28 Jun 66 to 17 Aug 66 and then to Condor 18 Aug 66 to 25 Mar 67.  Whilst at Condor he was awarded the BEM in the New Years honours list, presumably for his service aboard Carysfort.    See the Coxswain's C-in-C Middle East's commendation

Yours Aye,  Barry Scott

PS read my website at



Dusty Miller ex PO Seaman onboard  has written his detailed and interesting memoirs of the last commission



Read George Tayor's interesting ditty published on the 1945-46 page  




Around 10 or 11 years ago I ordered 10 of these blazer badges.   Thanks to Wal Adamek and Alan Tully who bought the last two in November 2016.  I can re-order them again if anyone would like them but would need a minimum order of around 6 before doing this as they didn't exactly fly off the shelves.  They did cost around £12.00 including p & p but obviously that was 2004 prices.  contact me if interested.

Can you help?  I've recently received the following email from Captain Mohan Kuruvilla of the Indian Navy.  

"I am an ex Indian Naval Officer.  I would appreciate if you could kindly send me the wordings of the Bosun's call Waikie waikie....shake your leg"

Can any of you old salts help?  If so please email me and I'll pass it on.  Thanks.



Torrey Canyon 1967

Can you help?  Dr Sam Willis is a maritime historian and a Fellow of Exeter University.  He is giving a lecture at the National Maritime Museum in FALMOUTH in October 2008 and would be grateful if anyone from the 1966-69 commission has any photographs or memories of the Torrey Canyon disaster they would like to share with him.  You can contact him direct by clicking the email icon below:


Patrick Boniface, who has had a book published by Maritime Books on Battle Class destroyers is trying to find out if there is enough material to do the same for CA Class destroyers.  He'd welcome any help you're able to give him in the way of information or photos.  You can contact him at: