David Millward ex HMS Centaur would like to contact his townie David Scott from Maidstone who was a TAS rating onboard.  Centaur was berthed aft of Carysfort in Singapore in the 60's and that's the last time they saw each other.  Click the email icon below:


John (Isaac) Newton AB (Seaman Gunner) would like to hear from anyone who remembers him from this commission.   You can contact his son Lee by clicking the email icon below.



Buck Taylor Nav Yeo on the last commission is living in Plymouth since he retired.  If anyone is visiting the area he is up for a pint or three!   Mob 07885450192 or click email icon below.



(1) Steve Thatcher would like Ron (Scouse) Kidd to get in touch with  him.  

(2) John  Daley would like to hear from anyone who knew his Grandfather Lawrence Daley who was Chief Stoker onboard.  


Trevor Akeroyd (Akers) is looking for Phil Sharp his "townie", schoolmate and both at Ganges.



(1) Tom "Mack" McCallion  is looking for PO Dunlop, AB Higgins and AB Voss.

(2) Taff Hughes is looking for AB J E Thomas from Cardiff and LEM DC Chapple from Lancashire.

(3) Mick Kester wants Mack McCallion to know that he last saw Joe Voss in Plymouth 2 - 3 years ago and will try and chase this up.

(4) Brummy Holmes is looking for EM1 W Williams (Brum) last heard of living in Blackpool and EM1 Ron Abell.

(5) EM1 Tony Marr would like to hear from any old shipmates


 Would Dave Chorlton who was a member of 7 mess please  contact Jimmy Green who was a junior stoker in the same mess.

Pony Moore would like Jan Derges and Jan Sully to get in touch with him.  Their email address shown in the Guest Book seems to be invalid.


(1) Bryant Delafield who lives in Baton Rouge Louisana is trying to locate REM1 D J Stevenson.  They met in Subic Bay, Phillipines in 1968.  Anyone who knows his whereabouts please Bryant by clicking on the icon.  Thank you. 


(2) Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Norman Foster and Ron Tutt please email.  I'm working at the house of Commons (17 years).  If you're in the Big Smoke come and say Hi.  Take care.  Buster Brown - AB Gunner - last commission.  Sorry to hear about James Kidd.  We will all miss his whistling?


(3) Graham Holmes is looking for Tubby Aitken who was best man at his wedding 30 years ago.

(14 Sep 2004 - Graham has now caught up with Tubby - thanks to Jimmy Bond - - though we're still waiting for Tubby and Jimmy to register their details on the website!  


(4) John (Lofty) Shorter is looking for Joe Ridley. They were both in the stokers mess.    Do you hear there Lofty.   Mike Loker who was in Blake 7 Mess in Ganges with you in 1963 can re-unite you with other messmates


(5) Bunge (Scouse) Williams would be interested to hear from Norm (Flossie) Foster from Spennymoor, Co Durham, Tommy Notcutt. (Tommy's nephew Barry told us in February 2009 that Tommy died from a heart attack in 1976 at the age of 33 - R.I.P. Tommy) Eddie Evans (where are you Eddie?), Tex Hatton, Blossom Petchey, Little Harry, George Tully or anyone that remembers him.  (7 September 2005 Norman Foster has got in touch and 20 September George Tully) (14 October 2005 Blossom Petchey also contacted) 


(6) Ken Beales would like to hear from Mech2 then 1 Brian Hurditch.     (8 June 2005 - Ken has caught up with Brian with thanks to Len Inglis and they met up at the reunion in October 2006).  Sadly Ken passed away on 4th January 2018 but Brian and him were in regular contact since the above was posted.  


(7) Forbes (Charley) Blanchet is looking for R T  Knights (Bogie), (Bogie got in touch March 2009 but I no longer have your email address Charley.  Click on the email icon to contact Bogie    R McGuire (Mac), Andy Anderson and Chris Page (Ship's Diver).  (Dec 2006 Chris Page got in touch).


(8) Smudge (Mansell) Smith ex Bunting Tosser is trying to get in touch with Sam Hurst, another Bunting Tosser  as well as ex AB's Walt Disney and Orrie Orriss.  Mansell's mobile no is 07971 030015.  He would also be interested to hear if anyone knows the whereabouts of Tex Hatton and Eddie Evans.


(9) David (Stormy) Orme is trying to contact Ken (Jan) Kenyon or Vic Cornwall.  Any help appreciated.



If you can help please click email icon below and I will pass the details on.