Thanks to ex AB Taff Thomas for the following dit:  

Memories of Addu Atoll part of the island of GAN.

When we anchored on the 19th Dec 1959 I checked the Ships Chronometer and found that it had stopped, panic stations all of a sudden I was surrounded by the Skipper and Navigator, it was decided that I was to take the Chronometer and fly from Gan RAF station to Columbo as soon as a flight could be arranged.

On the second of Jan 1960 I flew in a Dakota, only seats for Pilot and Navigator, sat in the superstructure with Chronometer on my lap for five hours with a chefs brown paper bag with pussers sandwiches.

On arrival taken to the Admiralty Chart Depot near the ex RN naval buildings. After a long delay shunted off to the local RAF camp for my accommodation and told I would stay for a few days. Then informed on a visit to the chart depot only to find that the 100yr old clock will take several weeks to repair I was therefore sent up to the RN Signals station in the mountains above Columbo.

Although I was left to my own devices, the heat and nothing to do but look at the jungle, wander around the perimeter of the signals station, the jaunt to Columbo that I had anticipated would be a good run ashore was not to be.

I then had a message that Carysfort had been relieved at Gan by Cavalier and was on the way to Calcutta so I had to stay put until further notice. Eventually on the evening of the 26th Jan a night flightwas arranged ( with the repaired Chronometer) to Singapore.

Lunch time I arrived home to the best ship on the Far East Station so glad to see my mess deck mates.

Whilst the ship was in refit I worked at the Singapore Chart Depot, I will never forget the 0630 walk of several miles daily. I seem to recall were fitted in nearly three months, then off to Hong Kong.

1965 A Coincidence meeting in a heads, stood next to a gent who suddenly said “Hi Taff”,it was ex Carysfort stoker, whom we had all last seen in Auckland, he had jumped ship.Several months later the girl he was living with had informed the Police who he was, he was returned to the UK 90 days detention and dismissed, he seemed to be very happy with life, I will not give his name but last known to be living in Bath.

I hope this little tale will bring back personal memories to any of my ex ship mates.

Regards to all John Thomas (Taff).       

PS this Coincidence happened after I had been demobbed and the (heads) location was Penarth S Wales.