Peter Moon wrote that he was on Carysfort as an M(E) in  10 mess.  Leading Hand of the Mess was "Jock Muir".  The Water Tanky was Geordie Luther who took me under his wing when I first arrived on board in Singers.  We flew out on British Caledonian Air and I was told that  we were the first crew to completely change by air.  There was a Slim Ashford, ex FAA to Stoker who was too big to go down the Boiler Room and was Messman for 18 months.   Also in 10 mess was M(E) Baldwin another M.E. on 10 mess was Mac something, sorry Mac it was 42 years ago the Chief Buffer was C. Blight who also came from Falmouth like me, in fact I was in the same class at school as his daughter. No 1 was Lt. Cdr Lees, there was a POME Jock who played the accordion, trying to remember them all, some things seem like yesterday others a lifetime away. I do remember when we were off Australia every time we took oil from RFA Wavemaster we got covered with oil.  Captain D sent a signal, ”Do it right this time”.  We did - they didn't and we were covered from stem to stern.  The other thing I was interested in is the medal for 62.   When I asked I was told not allowed.    Anyone have more info on this?     I have some stuff in the loft.   When I dig it out I will let you know.

  Peter Moon D/ 059140  


Footnote:  Sadly Peter crossed the bar in Spain in 2017 three days after his 74th birthday.