John Roadnight wrote:  "I served in Carysfort from February 58 to September 59:   I was the SPO(V)-"jack dusty" and retired as a CPO in 1972 when my family migrated to Australia. On a recent visit to the UK I had a royal tour of Cavalier by a trust member. This rekindled my memories of Carysfort.   I often wondered what happened to her, now I know!  I will endeavour to fill the gaps for you regarding my time on board so here goes.
Recommissioned at Portsmouth February 58 and left UK for work up at Malta. On completion we left for Cyprus patrol which should have lasted six weeks, however our relief was diverted elsewhere due to a fracas in Lebanon. Most of the ships company had a few days R&R at the NAAFI run Golden Sands leave camp in tents near Famagusta but of course no shore leave. We then continued patrols for a further six weeks in stead of a scheduled visit to Turkey! The monotony broken by occasional interaction with the Cheshire Regiment based at Kyrenia. Their Sgts mess entertained our C&POs to football and drinking competitions. Before leaving to return to Malta we reciprocated hospitality by hosting a party for them on the foc'sle one evening. It should be remembered that UK service personnel ashore carried weapons at all times so these were duly handed in at the For'd PO's mess for safe keeping for the duration of the party. On leaving the ship one of their weapons was missing, this being a Court Martial offence. As it belonged to the S.I.B. Sgt attached to the Cheshires it caused some mirth from his "colleagues" (It was found next morning under a locker!) The remainder of our Med time was taken up with a couple of major NATO exercises, one concluding with a visit to Naples, the other in Toulon. In between these was a short refit in Malta. We also paid a brief visit to Catania in Sicily. The ensuing 9 months in the Home Fleet was more of the same, without the sunshine! The first Cod Wars were under way so we had 2x6 week patrols off Iceland interspersed with more NATO exercises and A/S patrols out of Londonderry. The only runs ashore of note were Stockholm and Bremen. Much of our time was spent in company with "Cavendish" being Capt. D6.
One occasion on passage from Pompey to Gib we ran into extreme weather
as mentioned by L/Sig Middleton. We were supposed to R/V with Cavendish for Capt.D's inspection but that didn't happen!  Instead "A" gun was damaged beyond repair and had to be removed at Gib to be replaced some months later. I recall one of my mess mates being thrown clean out of his hammock one night. It was not a memorable commission as you can see, but we had a good Ship's Company and as for myself my mates in the F'ord POs mess were the best and we made the most of somewhat limited opportunities. Among those I recall were :
PO ( TAS) "Mac" McCaffey (mess pres.)
Yeoman" Jimmy" Green
PO Cook  Maurice Hurst
PO (FC) " Gary " Garnett (Capt foc'sl)
PO (RP) Ken Shorter
PO El  ?   Fisher
" Blackie " TASI ( part commission)
Duncan Cameron (Canteen Manager)
The Aft PO's mess included PO GI Daiper and PO Fewtrell (QD)
My own staff were  SA Jock Anderson
                               AB Petty(Tanky) and the Butcher, Mankey Meat Malney (nickname provided by AB Scott).  The CO throughout the commission was CDR Dunlop and 1st Lt was Lt Cdr Pearce. I am pretty sure I remember the two ship mates  Brian Sheldon and Mike Middleton."