Mech1 Jan Hibbard wrote that he remembers the  MEO Lieut David Oddie who left the ship in Mombasa mid '66.  Other members of the ME Department were the Chief Tiff Norman Wright, ERA's Charley Thistleton, Ben Williams, Bill Shirtliffe, Mech Fred West ? Jones, POMEs Frank Malone DSM, Frank Johnson, Mac McGillvary, Tommo Thompson, Ginger Scott, Dusty Millar. There were of course others but after 40 odd years my memory is a little dim!  Cox'n Blood Reid, larger than life, the stories of him are legion.  
Jimmy was Nigel Kennedy and of course Cdr Martin Sands relieved Cdr George Brewer about halfway through.  Times change, but ships like Carysfort gave us a damn good grounding for life!  It's good to have this site, really no more than the old girl deserves, she was special.