Jack Haydock wrote:

  I joined the ship in build on the Isle of Wight.  There was a Shipís Company dance held ashore after sea trials, the usual patrols, depth charging etc and a good time was had by all.  VE was declared as we were returning from a strike in the Norwegian fjords.  On reaching Portsmouth we had a night of celebration then set off with a sore head to Tromso .

  On the way we checked up on the damage done to the Tirpitz and circled round it as she lay upturned after the air attacks.  There was a great welcome for us at Tromso and it was open ship with everyone welcomed onboard for tea, bread and jam and rock buns which were consumed in great amounts.

  Whilst in Tromso the Germans still had control of the town as there was a large number of Russian prisoners about.  This did not stop some of our crew reaching Rosyth to go on leave with a pair of skiís!

  I should have mentioned I was a CRIII Range Taker but finished up on the Control Table. My memory is not as good as it was but I hope this has given you some idea of the ship in Atlantic waters.