Ex LCEM Bob Ellis wrote on the 13th March 2009 that during the Far East trip 1967/68 and our time in the South Pacific the ship's rugby team had gone ashore in the afternoon at Ambrym to play the locals. Any of the ship's company were invited ashore in the evening for a knees up and an after the match booze up to celebrate whoever had won!!!  There were several onboard thought it  a great idea and as the red glow from the active volcano reflected on the clouds about 20 of us went ashore and landed on the nearby beach.   We had been informed we would be met on the shore and taken to the village hut where the feast would be.  The ship's boat departed and we were left on the beach in the dark with not a sign of life or transport.  Eventually after what seemed  an age the headlamps of a Land Rover was spotted through the coconut palms followed by a tractor and trailer.  We were all quite relieved and piled into the various modes of transport and guess who ended up in the trailer?!!  Yes it was me and we had a very bouncy ride through the jungle, arriving at the village hall and very relieved to have arrived at last.  Once into the hall which had a palm roof and timbered walls we all sat down which had a concrete floor but nothing else....no food...no beer...and no barbecue!!  

After a short while our smiles were to be revived when the natives started arriving clutching crates and crates of lager and it was announced the food was ready.  Suckling pigs that had been cooked in the ground with hot stones and wrapped in banana palms.  Needless to say we all had a great time and during the course of the booze up I remember asking one of the gang who was enjoying the pigs brains what it tasted like?  Horseradish came the slurred reply...needless to say I don't remember the return trip!