Thanks to R.A.R. (Tony) Hill for providing this commission book.  Tony graduated from Nottingham University in 1959 and was one of the last National Service intake who had successfully applied for a 3 year short service commission.  Carysfort had just completed the 1958-59 commission when he joined her for two weeks sea experience working up off Portland.  As an introduction to life at sea he was given a copy of this commission book.  Now Lieutenant R A R Hill RN and fresh out of university the Royal Navy came as somewhat of a shock.  His first wardroom mess dinner was Trafalgar Night in Portsmouth.  He had no specific duties on board and was free to join in (but not too closely) with all the routines.  He remembers being told that if in doubt he could carry out some "bulkhead inspection".  He enjoyed his short stay onboard once he got over the faux-pas of sitting in the First Lieutenant's seat at his first breakfast onboard.  Apart from gunnery and depth charge practice his other memory is of drinks in the wardroom - Horse's Neck - 1d for the brandy and 2d for the ginger ale.